About Us

Tiffany Mason, Founder

In 2017, Children of Angels was established as a platform for individuals to express their emotions relating to the loss of a parent. The founder, Tiffany, personally experienced the struggles of bereavement and understands the importance of having someone to relate to and confide in. As a result, she now leads group sessions and has volunteered at the Uplift Center for Grieving Children. Tiffany has also obtained a certificate in Understanding Grief in Children from What's Your Grief Continuing Education, in addition to other certificates in other grief-related courses.

Children of Angels provides a safe and healthy space for individuals to learn coping mechanisms and navigate through life following an extraordinary loss. Each session delivers tools and techniques to promote emotional healing and growth.


The mission of Children of Angels, is to provide a safe & secure environment for grievers, while providing tools such as grief education, peer support and healthy coping mechanisms for life after loss.


Our vision is that all grievers and their families can get grief support without the judgment of others, while having access to grief related resources and programs to help guide them on a healthy grief journey after loss.