What is the fee to attend meetings?

There is no fee! All meetings are FREE! (If there is an occasion when a meeting will cost, such as a brunch, event, etc., it will be noted).

What is the age requirement to attend meetings?

There currently is no age requirement. We welcome everyone.

Where are meetings located?

Meetings are held in different locations, such as our home location in Lansdowne, PA., restaurants, local parks and even Zoom. The meeting location will be announced weeks in advance to allow for the proper accommodations/travel.

When are meetings?

Meetings are held every third Saturday unless otherwise mentioned. Be sure to sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date.

What happens at meetings?

During each meeting we discuss grief related topics, triggers, & healing tips in a peer support setting.

Are meetings only for those who experienced the loss of a parent?

Absolutely not! We open our meetings to anyone who has experienced loss.