Member Spotlight

We'd like to recognize one of our first members, Rina Suah.  Rina is a long-time friend to our founder and has been an amazing support for our group since its inception.

"At first, I joined COA just as a support for my good friend and founder of the group Tiffany, but 4 months ago, I lost my dad. It has been very hard, especially since he was on vacation. I have my days where I just sit and think about him, but being a part of COA, I know that I have people around me who understand exactly what I'm going through. I know it will get easier, but the void of him not being here with me will always hurt because I truly was a daddy's girl." ~ R. Suah

Rina, we'd like to thank you for being a support to us before experiencing this pain of loss. Please allow us to now be your support!

We'd like to recognize one of our newest members, Roxanne Brown. Roxanne joined us a few years ago and has been such a joy to our group.

"I joined Children of Angels after the death of my Mom not knowing if I was coming or going. I met Tiffany who welcomed me with open arms and a safe meeting place to talk! I continue with Children of Angels because it's a great way to get your feelings out, feel comfort and know you're not alone. Tiffany has become a great friend and I'm so proud of her for making this beautiful group!" ~R. Brown

Roxanne, we'we'd like to thank you for your continued support and outgoing spirit. Please continue to allow us help you during your grief journey. 

We'd like to recognize our member, Breanna King. Breanna is one of our very first members and has been a pleasure to have and a great support to the other members. 

"I lost my father and mother before my 12th birthday . I have struggled as a teen and as an adult, not having anywhere to talk about my feelings. Tiffany has always been a listening ear and a dear friend. So, when she started Children of Angels, I became a member. Ever since joining Children of Angels, I've had a safe space to share my emotions with people who have experienced a loss and understand what I have been through." ~B. King

Bre, we'd like to thank you for your continued support and courage. Please continue to allow us to help you with your healthy grief journey.