“I support Children of Angels because I love the idea of people coming together to support & lean on others who understand what it feels like to lose someone dear to you. Not only did I feel comforted while attending the meeting. I felt like even though they didn’t know me or my grandmother who passed away, they understood my pain. The aura was genuine and for the first time I felt like I had gotten everything that I was holding back off my chest without anyone looking at me as if I were being dramatic or criticizing my emotions. I am so grateful for this support group. Their arms are wide open to welcome anyone in need of venting sessions and I believe that this is the start to something very special that can heal so many people in unimaginable ways.” Brittani B. 

“I have always been there to support my best friend since middle school. I was there through the good and bad times and when things started to go bad. You never know how strong or weak a person can be when dealing with the loss of a parent(s). And I just wanted to be there through it all. I support this group because you will learn how to cope with life after a loved one passes away. Everyone is kind and truly is a support to each other. This group has a strong support team, not only will you cry, but you will always have a good laugh once you come out of a meeting.” ~ Sade W.

“Although I’ve never lost a parent. I have lost 2 grandparents who were very close to me. Supporting COA has helped me a lot with coping with my emotions from that. The ladies of COA all bring something to the table with their stories and experiences. It lets me know that there are other people going through things just like or worse than me. It lets me know if they can get through it, I can too. It gives me support that I didn’t know I had. Although I don’t share or say much pertaining to my situation it feels good to know that there are people I can relate and talk to.” ~Felicia P.